This New Space Colonization Novel Will Mess With Your Head In The Best Possible Way

Planetfall by Emma Newman isn’t what you’re expecting from a book about humans colonizing another planet. It’s much weirder, and in the end, a fair bit darker. This is a story about human failings—and the fact that we expect to understand alien beings, when we can’t even understand each other. »11/13/15 7:30pm11/13/15 7:30pm


A gallery of sublime photographs from across our solar system

These are the postcards people will send home from their interplanetary vacations in 500 years. For now we can only gather them with robots, space stations and satellites. Still, it's pretty awesome to be living in a time when we can do even that. All these incredible visions are taken from Michael Benson's new art… »11/07/12 10:00am11/07/12 10:00am