Here is a Cactus Bribing a Bat to Help it Have Sex 

The deep, bell-shaped flowers of the saguaro cactus use a strong melony scent to tell the bats that pollinate them they’re open for business, but they hide the nectar the bats want to lick up deep inside their base. If the bat wants to eat, it has to shove its face into the dozens of pollen-covered anthers inside the… »8/07/15 1:00am8/07/15 1:00am

This Shrub Uses a Moonlight Beacon to Signal That It's Ready for Sex

When it’s time for sex, many plants literally tap into animal appetites, attracting them with the promise of sugar and smearing them with pollen while they eat. But if you’re going to rely on a third party for sex, you need some really good advertising. One recent study has identified a plant that makes a beacon out… »5/06/15 2:13pm5/06/15 2:13pm

An Obscure African Plant Tells Miners Where to Look for Diamonds 

Diamonds you’re familiar with. Pandanus candelabrum, not so much. And until recently, botanists didn’t pay much attention to this rare, palm-like plant from West Africa either. But the discovery that P. candelabrum grows only over rock that may harbor diamonds has vaulted the plant out of obscurity.
»5/06/15 7:30am5/06/15 7:30am

After waiting 80 years to flower, this huge plant has just one month to live.

After waiting 80 years to flower, this huge plant has just one month to live. Following a growth spurt that saw the unusually old American agave plant grow to 28 feet tall, it's now in a period of decline. Thankfully, the "tons" of seeds it finally produced from its pods will be distributed to botanical gardens… »2/24/15 5:30pm2/24/15 5:30pm

Surreal Collages of Animals, Plants, and Body Parts Are Subtly Creepy

Put these on your walls for a classier Halloween vibe than the one at my home. (I once recreated the X-Files "I Want to Believe " poster entirely in pumpkin.) Seriously, though, these are somehow scarier than the fake blood handprints that just won't come off the walls. (Another decorating decision I've made in the… »10/07/14 4:30am10/07/14 4:30am