How to Live Forever By Turning Your Brain Into Plastic

We may never be able to freeze you at the moment of death and then reanimate you. But the good news is, there may be another way to keep your brain viable. A group of scientists have come up with a process called "chemical fixation and plastic embedding" — which essentially turns your brain into a hunk of exquisitely… » 9/14/12 11:13am 9/14/12 11:13am

Defeated Giant Monster Hung From The City's Rafters

"Wheke," the giant calamari that invaded New Zealand in January 2000, went on display in Paris today. The massive tentacles almost make Wheke look like a space marauder or crazed mutant by themselves, but they're not what make him science-fictional. Rather, it's the process used to preserve Wheke so he can go on… » 3/25/08 5:45pm 3/25/08 5:45pm