Disney wants to adapt Princess Bride for the stage

Disney is toying with the idea of a Princess Bride "stage adaptation." Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck. » 11/11/13 2:12pm 11/11/13 2:12pm

Terminator 2 reenacted entirely with lines from Shakespeare

Terminator 2 and William Shakespeare: What could be better? This trailer for the stage production Terminator the Second shows us what happens when you blend robots from the future with the Bard. » 9/22/13 3:00pm 9/22/13 3:00pm

Watch Val Kilmer morph into Mark Twain -- YIKES

Val Kilmer gave the world an inside look into his makeup-heavy transformation for his one-man play Citizen Twain. Which we then turned into a fairly terrifying gif. Watch as Batman becomes the be-joweled Samuel Clemens. » 8/16/13 1:40pm 8/16/13 1:40pm

After you've defeated the alien invaders, the hard part begins

In "Sovereign," the final act of Mac Rogers' epic alien-bugs vs. humanity Honeycomb Trilogy of plays, we learn that rebuilding the world from the ashes is much harder than leading the resistance. What happens after you've won the battle for the post-apocalypse? » 6/29/12 2:53pm 6/29/12 2:53pm

How To Train Your Dragon's stage show will feast on Spider-Man's…

Now this is a movie-inspired kids stage show we'd pay money to see. Check out the first ever footage form the Melbourne stage production of How To Train Your Dragon. » 8/08/11 11:39am 8/08/11 11:39am

Coolest Shakespeare Riffs in Science Fiction and Fantasy

With The Tempest, opening tomorrow, Julie Taymor and Helen Mirren bring a splashy fantasy vibe to the Bard. But science fiction and fantasy have been playing with Shakespeare forever. Here are the greatest Shakespeare homages and cover versions in SF. » 12/09/10 5:10pm 12/09/10 5:10pm

U2's $50 million Spider-Man musical hits the stage in November

The troubled musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark will open Nov. 14th at the Foxwoods Theater. Now they just need to sell out the house every night until 2015 to recoup expenses. Image via The L Magazine. [LA Times] » 8/11/10 10:00am 8/11/10 10:00am

U.S.S. Pinafore is the very model of a modern Star Trek-Gilbert &…

Why didn't somebody think of this long ago? U.S.S. Pinafore enlists Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera in Starfleet, with amazing results. If you've ever wished Little Buttercup's libretto included tribbles and Saurian brandy, then watch the trailer below. » 5/28/10 2:30pm 5/28/10 2:30pm

Samuel Delany's Dhalgren Becomes A Bizarre, Experimental Stage Play

It's a massive behemoth and possibly the closest thing you could imagine to an unfilmable novel. But starting tomorrow, New York City's The Kitchen is doing a stage play of Samuel R. Delany's challenging Dhalgren. Have they gone mad? » 3/31/10 9:30am 3/31/10 9:30am

Cobra Christ, Superstar: The Musical

Now you can watch all three Cobra Commander musicals, Cobra The Musical, Cobra Christ, Superstar, and Return of the King... of Kings . That's right - someone made a villain-centric Cobra musical so you can learn what's behind the mask. » 1/29/10 1:35pm 1/29/10 1:35pm

Celebrate The Holidays With Starfleet Cookies, A Klingon Christmas, And…

Today is a good day to watch the Klingon translation of A Christmas Carol, or just to eat some Starfleet cookies. And in other Trek news, J.J. Abrams' alternate timeline has spawned its own line of alternate-universe tie-in novels. » 11/30/09 2:43pm 11/30/09 2:43pm

Robots On The Sun Team Up With Clones On The Moon — On Stage!

Why aren't there more science fiction stage plays? Is it the difficulty of doing special effects on stage, or the feeling that SF isn't serious enough for a Tennessee Williams-esque drama? Discover Magazine » 10/09/08 3:40pm 10/09/08 3:40pm's Science Not Fiction wants to know. But actually, it's not strictly true that the proscenium is a scifi-free…

Casual Sex Leads To Apocalyptic Vision — With Fish

A bizarre science fiction play that had an off-Broadway debut back in March (with nice write-ups in the New York Times » 9/27/08 10:50am 9/27/08 10:50am, and the ) is opening up new local runs at Washington, D.C.'s Wooly Mammoth Theater and the Seattle Rep in November. Peter Sinn Nachtrieb's features a woman who goes for a Craigslist casual…