You're Right, Warehouse 13: A Pete-Myka Romance Would Be Like Incest

Thank goodness Warehouse 13 recognizes that putting Pete and Myka together romantically would be a terrible mistake. Right? ... Right? I mean, the show spent an entire episode comparing the prospect of a Pete-and-Myka love affair to a brother-sister romance, via a "telenovela" theme. Spoilers ahead... »5/06/14 6:42pm5/06/14 6:42pm


The 13 Greatest Fictional Make-Out Spots for Getting Lucky (and Meeting Monsters)

Today we pay homage to the classic scifi movie and TV cliche: Make Out Point, Lover's Lane, or any secluded place where a pack of teens circle their station wagons and fog up the windows. It might be tired, but we love this silly old trope. So we've found the best spots for fantastical smoochfests — or meeting… »2/21/13 3:45pm2/21/13 3:45pm