Welcome to New York 2023, where every surface is a DNA scanner

Here's Plurality, director Dennis Liu's 14-minute concept piece about a futuristic New York where every handrail and wall can read your genetic material, rendering credit cards and keys contrivances of the past. This newfangled Bentham Grid also has a side that makes civil libertarians cringe — namely that law… »10/03/12 9:40am10/03/12 9:40am


In future New York City, every single surface can track your movements

In the 2023, the city of New York becomes one giant fingerprint scanner. Touch a guard rail, and "The Grid" can monitor your movements. Open a door, and The Grid has you tracked there as well. It's a new way of policing the people — until two sets of the exact same fingerprint show up in different places at once.… »6/01/12 7:30pm6/01/12 7:30pm