You Are Already in a Game. Right Now.

My favorite new mind-bending idea is an extension for Firefox released today by brainy game designers Merci Grace and Justin Hall. It's called PMOG, for passively multiplayer online game, and it turns the entire web into a fantasy world where you can go on quests. Like all cool art, PMOG makes apparent something that… » 5/12/08 2:39pm 5/12/08 2:39pm

Rise of the Passively Multiplayer Online Game

What if everything you did online was part of a game? A company named Gamelayers is built on the idea of a PMOG, Passively Multiplayer Online Game. The idea is that everything you do while surfing earns experience points, and the play experience seamless overlays your online life. I was struck by this idea of the… » 2/26/08 1:13pm 2/26/08 1:13pm