The camera that captured the first millisecond of a nuclear bomb blast

These are photographs of the first few milliseconds of nuclear explosions. They lead scientists to several new discoveries as to how nuclear bombs worked. But how do you capture the first millisecond of a nuclear bomb? With several rapatronic cameras, a Kerr cell, and a little physics. » 2/25/13 7:40am 2/25/13 7:40am

Forget pirates. Navigate like a viking.

Vikings did a lot of navigating in their line of work. Those who didn't know how to use the sun to get exactly where they wanted to go would end up razing only sandcastles, pillaging only bird's nests, and setting fire only to their own beards. So when cloudy, foggy, gray days caused these intrepid seamen to tear the… » 2/03/11 12:30pm 2/03/11 12:30pm