Artsy alternate universe TARDISes decorated with leopard spots and disguised as Big Ben

The Doctor's TARDIS has long been stuck in one shape: that of a blue police box. But what if, in alternate timelines, the alternate Doctors' alternate TARDISes were still call boxes (Edit: albeit of a different variety), but covered in butterflies and bedazzled Union Jacks? »6/16/12 5:00pm6/16/12 5:00pm

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These vintage photo mashups show the places once visited by the Doctor

There was a time before the BBC held the trademark on police call boxes and TARDIS-like kiosks lined British streets. But as we look back at these Google streetview images mashed up with vintage photographs, we can imagine that each picture represents a past visit from the Doctor. »6/09/12 6:00pm6/09/12 6:00pm

Hampton Hill Old Kent Road …