Cast Your Vote For the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories of 2013

Every year, the science fiction and fantasy trade journal Locus asks the public to select from its editors' picks for the best science fiction and fantasy of the previous year (or write in your own nominations). The ballot for the 43rd Annual Awards is now open online – go cast your vote! » 4/13/14 2:30pm 4/13/14 2:30pm

Vote for the best science fiction and fantasy stories of the 20th and…

Which books and stories are the greatest works of science fiction of the past 112 years? Now is the time for the ultimate decision. Locus Magazine is having a monster poll to decide the best science fiction and fantasy novels, novellas, novelettes and stories of the 20th and 21st centuries! Use this great power… » 11/29/12 12:21pm 11/29/12 12:21pm

Choose even more of the worst science fiction movies ever: The Happening

Crown the very worst scifi movie ever made! It's down to the sweet sixteen and it's going to get ugly. The Happening goes up against Eddie Murphy's Pluto Nash. What was the biggest upset from the last polling? Dreamcatcher losing to Catwoman! It's horrible movie madness! Madness we tell you! VOTE NOW! » 3/23/12 3:24pm 3/23/12 3:24pm

A Moment of Profoundly Silly Outfits and Knife-Fighting in Dune…

A couple of weeks ago, we had a poll where we asked you which science fiction drug you'd most like to get strung out on. The Spice from Dune won by a pretty wide margin (62.4%). Tailing it were Dust, the drug from Babylon 5 (15.4%) and Soma from Brave New World (12.5). You'd really need to be high on spice to… » 1/18/08 7:20am 1/18/08 7:20am