A compound that could turn an entire swimming pool into jelly

Though it sounds suspiciously like Kurt Vonnegut's ice-nine from Cat's Cradle, a materials chemist at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands has concocted a polymer that could turn an entire swimming pool into jelly. All that would be required is ample amounts of the compound, some warmth, and 25 minutes of… »1/23/13 5:40pm1/23/13 5:40pm

New bleeding, healing plastic will be used on airplanes, not androids

Earlier this week, scientists announced the development of an entirely new genre of plastic that heals itself when it's scratched or cut, and bleeds like human skin — but researchers say you're more likely to find these next-gen materials wrapped around a car bumper than you are a freshly minted 800 Series. »3/29/12 3:17pm3/29/12 3:17pm