Pompeii trailer is historical disaster porn with greasy, greasy abs

Congratulations, Kit Harington, your old-timey Roman abs are the most ridiculous abs in the long history of greased abs — truly, you've outdone yourself, sir. Behold the six-pack majesty in the brand new trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's Pompeii (also a giant volcano explodes and kills the whole town and stuff). »12/05/13 7:40am12/05/13 7:40am

A weird chart comparing lewd graffiti in ancient Pompeii and 1960s Los Angeles

The 1973 study "Graffiti: Some Observations and Speculations" by Dr. Harvey Lomas included this colorful chart matching bawdy vandalism from First Century Pompeii with its thematic descendants in Sixties Los Angeles. As you can see here, we've had our mind in the gutter for approximately two millennia. »11/06/11 12:30pm11/06/11 12:30pm