Deadly Disease Has 3 Stages: Endearments, Tongue-Twisters... And Face-Biting

Your choice is simple, according to one new movie's tagline: "Shut up or die." Pontypool »8/27/08 11:20am8/27/08 11:20am, from cult director Bruce McDonald (), is about a radio DJ that discovers the English language has picked up a virus that is ripping the city inside out with madness. Eventually the madness turns everyone into…

Don't Speak English, Or The Language Virus Will Get You

A new horror movie says what the rest of the world already knows: the English language is an infectious disease. Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald, who directed cult hit Roadkill as well as episodes of sexy space opera Lexx, stopped by the 680 News Radio Station in Toronto to do research for his his new horror movie … »6/04/08 6:50pm6/04/08 6:50pm