D​id Harry Potter Influence The Political Views of Millennials?

Kids who grew up reading the Harry Potter books are voting in U.S. elections. And now a new study says the adventures of the young wizard might have cast an enduring spell on its fans, subtly shaping their values and political views. The Millennial Generation is actually the Muggle Generation. » 8/19/14 9:10am 8/19/14 9:10am

You can now search WolframAlpha for your favorite Pokémon characters

Need to know which Pokémon character has the highest special attack? Or speed greater than 80? And can you name all the members of Team Rocket? Thanks to the developers at WolframAlpha, you can now search their knowledge engine to get the answers. » 10/18/13 9:30am 10/18/13 9:30am

Barbie’s mutated proportions are even more unrealistic than we thought

Girls who yearn to have a body like Barbie's need to seriously reconsider. As this new infographic from Rehabs.com shows, not only are her idealized proportions anatomically impossible — they would also be incredibly debilitating. » 4/18/13 8:20am 4/18/13 8:20am

A brief history of cyborgs, superhumans and robots in pop music

The recent Wellcome Collection Superhuman Exhibition has shown how human enhancement permeates our culture from sport to comic books. A rich seam also runs through popular music — a medium that has explored both the joy and the alienation of living in a world dominated by technology and imagining what it's like to… » 10/15/12 2:49pm 10/15/12 2:49pm