Popular Mechanics makes 110 predictions for the next 110 years

To commemorate its 110th anniversary, Popular Mechanics has put together an epic list of 110 predictions for the next 110 years. And as editor-in-chief Jim Meigs admits, making predictions is not easy — so to that end, the PM editorial team consulted with over 20 different experts (including our own Annalee Newitz)… » 12/17/12 2:44pm 12/17/12 2:44pm

Behold the Starship Enterprise of 1930

If Star Trek were a thrilling radio drama sandwiched between Ovaltine ads and spots for the dyspepsia-fighting power of Moxie, then the Enterprise might possibly bear a resemblance to its long-lost cousin, Guido Fallei's amphibious dirigible gyrocopter. As the September 1930 issue of Popular Mechanics explained of… » 5/01/12 6:55am 5/01/12 6:55am

Popular Mechanics releases a gorgeously-illustrated guide to retro…

The Wonderful Future That Never Was is a coffee-table book from Popular Mechanics and scifi author Gregory Benford, which chronicles the bizarre (and sometimes correct) predictions that futurists and scientists made between 1903 and 1969. Here's a sneak peek. » 10/15/10 5:04pm 10/15/10 5:04pm

Celebrate Popular Mechanics' most glorious visions of the future past

A new book by Gregory Benford will celebrate the amazing innovations that Popular Mechanics promised us over the first seven decades of the 20th century — but in the meantime, here are some of our favorite Popular Mechanics whizbang moments. » 5/19/10 2:53pm 5/19/10 2:53pm

In the Year 2000, You'd Hose Down the House and Melt the Dinner Plates

In 1950, Popular Mechanics magazine visited the world of the future, which turned out to be an imaginary suburb called Tottenville, home of a pretend family named the Dobsons. So what was life like for the Dobsons in the year 2000? » 2/26/08 12:45pm 2/26/08 12:45pm

Which Terminator Would Kick the Asses of All the Others?

Over at Popular Mechanics, there's a maniacally detailed comparison of every Terminator from all the movies and the new TV show — including helpful information on how to defeat them. Writer Erik Sofge even gives you information on how each Terminator was made, and speculates about its level of A.I. So which… » 1/24/08 11:40am 1/24/08 11:40am