What would Miyazaki characters look like in real life?

Andrew Michael Golden made it his mission to create photorealistic images of the odd and mystical characters from various Studio Ghibli films. I must say, Porco Rosso cuts a rather convincing-not to mention stately-figure. Over at his site, you can see Golden's attempts at Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and more. » 11/04/12 5:00pm 11/04/12 5:00pm

Studio Ghibli announcing newest anime project December 15

At the Rome International Film Festival, Studio Ghibli president Koji Hoshino revealed that the venerable animation house would be unveiling a new project next month. Could this be the Porco Rosso sequel Hayao Miyazaki spoke of several months ago? [Collider] » 11/06/10 8:20am 11/06/10 8:20am

Hayao Miyazaki wants to make a sequel to his flying pig flick Porco…

In an interview with Japan's Cut Magazine, Hayao Miyazaki admitted that he's planning a sequel to his 1992 porcine sky ace film Porco Rosso, and that Studio Ghibli's future depends on the success of its next film, The Borrower Arrietty. » 8/22/10 2:30pm 8/22/10 2:30pm

Pigs Fly (And Shoot Guns) In Rare Hayao Miyazaki Manga

In 1989, Hayao Miyazaki penned and illustrated The Age of the Flying Boat, a manga that became the basis for his 1992 movie, Porco Rosso. This English translation from Animerica Magazine displays Miyazaki's flair for comics as well. » 3/23/10 12:08pm 3/23/10 12:08pm

The Many Strange And Beautiful Sci-Fi Faces of Hayao Miyazaki

While many people appreciate Hayao Miyazaki's ability to craft great stories, few realize the strange genre mashups he has constructed. With his latest, Ponyo, still in theaters, it's time to recognize the genre innovation of this visionary animator. » 9/06/09 2:00pm 9/06/09 2:00pm