These carefully crafted photo-sculptures look like portals to another world

Captivating photography will often convey a sense of depth. Raleigh-based artist Scott Hazard extends this concept to a literal conclusion, merging photography with sculpture to create 2D scenes with 3D elements. Hazard uses carefully torn, layered photographs to represent clouds, smoke, and portals — adding a weird,… » 3/22/12 9:10am 3/22/12 9:10am

Windows to Other Worlds: A Gallery of Portals in Science Fiction and Fantasy

With Valve's breakout video games, Portal and Portal 2, attracting so much attention as of late, it's easy to forget that portals are something of a time-honored tradition in science fiction and fantasy. So, in the spirit of inclusiveness, we've reached outside the orange box to bring you this collection of concept… » 6/24/11 11:05am 6/24/11 11:05am

Movie Sequels: Ripped From the Science Headlines!

Sometimes a movie premise is so absurd that the plot must've been hastily cobbled together after reading a sensational headline. With this in mind, we asked ourselves: Just how hard can it be to come up with the plot to a scifi sequel? We scanned some recent real-life science headlines for inspiration and drummed up a… » 9/24/08 2:00pm 9/24/08 2:00pm