Darth Vader on a unicycle, playing Star Wars themes on his bagpipes,…

What does Darth Vader do on his days off? In this video, he enjoys a pleasant one-wheeled cycle through the streets of Portland (of course) while providing his own Imperial March theme music (after an extended bout of the Star Wars main theme). So which is more difficult, riding a unicycle with a bagpipe in your arms, … » 3/11/12 2:00pm 3/11/12 2:00pm

In Portland, Oregon, you can attend Hellboy summer camp

If I happened to be an adolescent Oregonian, my head would be exploding right now. For Summer 2012, Dark Horse Comics and Mike Mignola have collaborated with a wilderness training organization to offer a Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense camp for kids 9-17. » 1/22/12 3:25pm 1/22/12 3:25pm

5 haunting subterranean structures from around the globe

Even if you've been to the Catacombs of Paris or have gone spelunking in Brooklyn's abandoned subway lines, there's still a wealth of underground places to be explored. Here are some of the world's less welcoming manmade tunnels and grottos. » 2/26/11 3:45pm 2/26/11 3:45pm

First Reports on Watchmen from Portland Screening

The place to be last night was Portland, Oregon, where the first "secret" preview for the movie adaptation of Watchmen » 10/17/08 6:30am 10/17/08 6:30am took place at the Regal Lloyd Center 10 Theater for a packed audience full of fans who'd . Lines for the screening snaked through the theater hours before showtime, with many being turned away, much to…