New Favorite Theory: All Of Kyle MacLachlan's Roles Are The Same Person!

Nowadays everything is trying to be a shared universe mega-franchise to get some sweet Avengers level money. But what if there was a fan favorite crossover franchise spanning every genre, that you've already been watching for decades? We're speaking, of course, of the unified Kyle MacLachlan Universe. Update: »3/28/15 5:45pm3/28/15 5:45pm


When It Comes to Tech Dystopia, Portlandia Is Better Than Black Mirror

UK series Black Mirror is being lauded as the first show that really tells the truth about our dystopian tech destiny. But the best critique of technology in today's culture is not this science fiction import. For the most scathing commentary on the high-tech world we've designed for ourselves, you have to watch … »3/20/15 6:37pm3/20/15 6:37pm

How Battlestar Galactica Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

Remember when you first got hooked on the Battlestar Galactica reboot? That heady feeling of discovery, together with the addictive rush of plot twist after revelation after character-driven moment. No matter how you feel about BSG now, we can all remember the excitement of getting immersed in this revolutionary show. »12/19/11 9:30am12/19/11 9:30am