We're closer to becoming real cyborgs than most people realize

In the New York Times the other day, there was a great story by Pagan Kennedy about experiments with brain-computer interfaces, which included the stuff you usually hear about, like people moving cursors with their minds. But it also included some new stuff, like Kennedy herself choosing a picture on her phone using… »9/19/11 8:30pm9/19/11 8:30pm


Doctors transplant a man's big toe onto his hand, creating a new thumb

In this BBC video, you'll meet James Byrne, a paver from Bristol, UK, who lost his thumb while sawing through wood. The injury left him unable to work, and he sought desperately for some way to restore his former ability to lift and grip heavy items. At last, a team of doctors from Frenchay Hospital came up with a… »9/15/11 2:22pm9/15/11 2:22pm

A gallery of biotech devices that could give you superpowers right now

Biotechnology now outpaces the bodies we were born with. Today, we can give ourselves additional senses or improve the ones we've got, and we can heighten our strength while also building limbs better than the breakable ones most of us have. Here's a gallery of all the human enhancements that will be improving lives… »7/21/11 11:00am7/21/11 11:00am

Voluntary amputees opt for bionic hands over real ones

After being electrocuted at work, a young Austrian man named Patrick found that he could no longer move one of his hands. He lived with the injury for a few years, but then decided he'd rather amputate the hand and replace it with something bionic - a synthetic hand controlled by nerve signals from his brain. The new… »5/19/11 12:30pm5/19/11 12:30pm