These vintage postcards would nowadays pass for threats by mail

The postcard today is primarily an atavistic vacation novelty, but prior generations used these paper rectangles to convey a whole host of emotions. »6/26/12 7:30pm6/26/12 7:30pm

I like the passive-aggressive implications of this early 1900s card, namely that you were stoned as shit when you sent it. Who told what so? The bear? Is the bear…


Future New York, The City of Skyscrapers (1925)

This postcard from 1925 imagines future New York City, "The City of Skyscrapers." Utopian New York of the 1920s had a lot of levels, with a system of elevated trains, beautiful flying contraptions, and towering skyscrapers reaching toward the heavens.

I'm fascinated by New York futurism, as it generally had a more… »7/10/10 6:00pm7/10/10 6:00pm