You Might Never Upload Your Brain Into a Computer

Many futurists predict that one day we'll upload our minds into computers, where we'll romp around in virtual reality environments. That's possible — but there are still a number of thorny issues to consider. Here are eight reasons why your brain may never be digitized. » 4/17/13 12:02pm 4/17/13 12:02pm

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served By Kyle XY's Sister/Lover

Last week's Kyle XY was pretty lightweight... except for the Poe-esque scenes where Jessi relived her mother's murder. It appears Jessi is going to some dark places in Monday's episode, judging from this exclusive clip. » 3/06/09 11:10am 3/06/09 11:10am

Posthuman Stories Are Creation Myths Turned Upside Down

Sean Williams, whose Mieville-esque epic fantasy The Crooked Letter combines all the world's religions into one Darwinian package (and is available as a free download) explains how religious creation myths mirror the posthuman narrative. » 3/05/09 11:16am 3/05/09 11:16am

Posthumans Go Hollywood! (Maybe.)

Are we finally going to get a posthuman mass culture? With movies like Surrogates and Avatar hitting theaters later this year, it may be now or never. » 2/09/09 3:06pm 2/09/09 3:06pm

Posthumans, Rise Up And Destroy Hollywood!

Why is Hollywood trying to poison everybody against posthumans? Whenever you see someone going beyond standard-issue humanity in movies or TV, it's portrayed as monstrous and evil. Whether it's cyborgs, mutants or humans hacking their bodies, Hollywood exercises its anti-posthuman agenda. Meanwhile, novels have been… » 5/28/08 4:30pm 5/28/08 4:30pm

Where Is The Posthuman Bertie Wooster?

Sometime soon — maybe in our lifetimes — we humans will finally exceed our design limitations. We'll interface with artificial intelligences, extend our lifespans, and gain the ability to modify our bodies far beyond our current understanding of prosthetics. And when that happens, our capacity to make total idiots out… » 5/07/08 9:00am 5/07/08 9:00am