Incredible chemical reactions captured at thousands of frames per second

We love chemical reaction videos. We also love high speed videography. Now, Destin from Smarter Every Day and The Prof from Periodic Table of Videos have teamed up to record some of the most visually arresting chemical reactions on Earth at thousands of frames per second. » 12/24/12 7:20am 12/24/12 7:20am

Ten amazing (and occasionally explosive) chemical reactions, caught on…

It's fun to watch chemistry labs explode on video, but you know what's even more fun? Watching a chemistry experiment in action, with a good explanation of what's going on. That's science at its most awesome. Here are ten of our favorite chemical reactions caught on video — which also include excellent commentary on… » 2/20/12 10:53am 2/20/12 10:53am

Controversial new theory claims life got its start in Russian hot…

The fossil record reveals the last 3.4 billion years of life on Earth. But before then, when life first emerged, we have next to nothing. The consensus view is that life began in the oceans... but there might be another, weirder, possibility. » 2/13/12 4:00pm 2/13/12 4:00pm

Where is all the Earth's heat coming from?

Earth runs on massive amounts of heat, enough to melt iron in the core and create our magnetic field, enough to power the constant movement of plate tectonics. Where all this heat comes from is a mystery...but we're getting closer. » 7/17/11 10:00am 7/17/11 10:00am