A compact mecha-suit for battling pocket-sized xenomorphs

Several years ago we told you about ActiveLink's Power Loader, a mecha-like exoskeleton that looked like something right out of Aliens. Now, following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, ActiveLink has started work on Power Loader Light — a more compact version that would allow for increased physical… » 2/01/13 6:20am 2/01/13 6:20am

Somebody went and invented the power loader from Aliens

We've seen some fairly convincing power loader facsimiles before, but this refurbished Ditch Witch by Raytheon-Sarcos — who are also experimenting with robotic exoskeletons — isn't that far off from James Cameron's original vision. » 10/15/11 8:00am 10/15/11 8:00am