Well, That's One Way to Prank a Person

As most of her fans know, Ellen DeGeneres has been messing (hilariously) with Today Show host Matt Lauer. Now, it'd seem, Matt's decided to get even. After opening her car door and spilling ping pong balls all over a parking lot, DeGeneres discovers a cardboard cutout of her prankster buried inside. » 3/22/15 2:05pm 3/22/15 2:05pm

Japanese Office Attacked By Full-Size Gundam In Insane Prank

Japan is known for pulling off some insane — and pants-wettingly terrifying — pranks, but this may take the cake. Someone went through an elaborate amount of trouble (and cost!) to have a 1:1-scale Zaku, the enemy mobile suits from the original Gundam anime, stop by an upper-floor Tokyo office. See for yourself! » 1/16/15 6:44am 1/16/15 6:44am

In Shocking Twist, Alien Abductee Artist Not Really An Alien Abductee

Though British artist Lloyd Canning got media attention for claiming to be an alien abductee — he told the Daily Mirror that he'd had six close encounters, and was receiving "visions"from extraterrestrials that inspired his paintings — he later took to his Facebook page to confess the truth: » 1/05/15 8:00pm 1/05/15 8:00pm

Scarecrow Surprise Is An Utterly Diabolical Halloween Prank

What appears to be a lovable, family friendly scarecrow costume is actually a total nightmare. And the gag works on both adults and small children, wonderful! » 10/17/14 11:40am 10/17/14 11:40am

This Is the Best "Scientists vs. Toad" Video You'll Ever Watch

Compared to videos of cats playing the piano and hamsters eating burritos, a video entitled "The Neuroethology of a Toad" might not get your attention. But this video is definitely worth your time — if only to see scientists pranking a toad. » 7/07/14 1:40pm 7/07/14 1:40pm

There is a major error in this famous photo of physicist Enrico Fermi

Enrico Fermi was one of the greatest physicists of all time. Take a look at the history of any branch of physics, and he was there, helping things along. Take a look at his most famous portrait and he made a boneheaded mistake. Maybe on purpose. » 3/03/14 10:23am 3/03/14 10:23am

Slobber weed makes for the world's meanest prank

Pilocarpus pennatifolius is known, along the Amazon river, as jaborandi. In English, we call it by a translation of that word; "slobber weed." It does exactly what it says. » 2/25/14 9:40am 2/25/14 9:40am

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus is as unafraid of zombies as Daryl is

We all know Daryl Dixon is a badass, and it seems like the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus, is probably one as well. In the ultimate test, Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) and prankster Nick Santonastasso team up to put Reedus in a "real" zombie attack. » 1/17/14 11:34am 1/17/14 11:34am

Horse_ebooks proves that humans yearn to be friends with bots

Normally, we worry that Twitter accounts and dating profiles are run by bots — sophisticated algorithms that pretend to be humans. But now, thanks to the Horse_ebooks Twitter account, we have to be on the lookout for humans luring us in by pretending to be machines. » 9/24/13 3:30pm 9/24/13 3:30pm

When a Friday the 13th prank goes too far . . .

Pranks can be a lot of fun, but how do you know when your prank has gone too far? Here are three Friday the 13th-themed prank videos that can help you learn the fine line between a prankster and a dangerous asshole. » 9/13/13 1:40pm 9/13/13 1:40pm

Fake chemistry professor pranks students on first day of class

First-year students attending a chemistry class at the University of Rochester were recently duped by a fellow student pretending to be their professor. He had them completely fooled — but then the real professor showed up asking, "Who the hell are you?" » 9/09/13 6:20am 9/09/13 6:20am

Horrible prank tricks victims with the end of the world

What would happen if you thought you were witnessing the end of the world from a job interview? LG's new Ultra HD screen was propped up like a window while helpless victims sat and watched an asteroid crash into their beloved city. They're lucky no one got naked or crapped themselves. » 9/05/13 8:30am 9/05/13 8:30am

This Terrifying Raptor Chase Is the Most Traumatic Prank of All Time

Japan has just raised the bar on pranks forever. There's putting buckets of water above doorstops, filling someone's cubicle with packing peanuts, and now there's making a dude think he's being chased by an actual fucking velociraptor. » 8/27/13 3:30pm 8/27/13 3:30pm

How to completely traumatize your child after watching Tron

Calve12 showed the movie Tron to his young daughter, who promptly had a nightmare about her father getting sucked into a computer. Here is what the daughter encountered when waking up the next morning. Ha ha, it's funny because he'll be paying for years of therapy! » 8/20/13 7:00am 8/20/13 7:00am

Learn the art of Practical Spoonbending

Or, to be more precise, practical spoon-melting. Do you know about a de-lite-ful little trick that some scientists like to play on one another that causes a spoon to melt in hot liquids? Did you know that once it caused the victims to fill themselves with mercury? » 5/23/13 12:40pm 5/23/13 12:40pm

The 1970s Version of 4Chan Relied on Telephones for Their Pranks

Journalist and hacker historian Phil Lapsley has just published an incredible book about the early days of phone phreaking, Exploding the Phone. In the late 1960s and early 70s, people like Steve Wozniak were running around doing things to telephones that today people would do to the internet. We've got a great… » 3/25/13 4:15pm 3/25/13 4:15pm

This mystery writers' prank would make an incredible sociological…

There's an old joke that has been making the rounds for hundreds of years. It has been ascribed to heads of state, heads of the church, Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It would make an unconscionable experiment. And I want it to happen. Do you dare discover it? » 12/30/12 6:00am 12/30/12 6:00am

Indiana Jones is officially getting mail at the University of Chicago

Although he was last seen teaching Archaeology 101 at Marshall College, it appears that Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr. still has a mailbox at his alma mater. The above package arrived earlier this week to the confusion of the University of Chicago staff and the general delight of the universe at large: » 12/13/12 2:20pm 12/13/12 2:20pm