6 Nerdy Parties Throughout History We Would've Loved To Attend

Since the dawn of humanity, our species has been assiduously researching ways to party hard. And every now and then, this impulse to rage like banshees unchained intersects seamlessly with our geekier proclivities. Behold six wonderful nerd soirées that were almost stranger than fiction. » 9/19/12 11:05am 9/19/12 11:05am

13 Creepy Captions From Movies That Let Us Know It's The Future

You know you're in the future when a title card pops up letting you know, and giving you a glimpse of the future world. This is one of our absolute favorite tropes from movies and TV. These establishing shots can be delicate (like this shot from Gattaca) or wonderfully obnoxious (like in Demolition Man) — but either… » 8/23/12 10:42am 8/23/12 10:42am

Defending the Indefensible: Predator 2

In many ways, Predator 2 was the sequel no one wanted: It didn't have Arnold; it didn't have big, awesome guns; and it had the laughable Jamaican voodoo posse threat. But it deserves another look. Honest. » 6/11/10 10:00am 6/11/10 10:00am

Glimpses Of Rodriguez's Predator Planet

Robert Rodriguez is busy relaunching the Predator franchise with an intense monster-movie feel, and our first set pics give us a few ideas what this alien world will look like. Plus director Antal addresses the "Adrien is no Arnie" issue. » 11/30/09 8:00am 11/30/09 8:00am

Predator Vs. Real Rasta Only Lasts 25 Seconds

Sure, the Predators look like Rastafarians. In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, the main way you can tell the Predalien is part Predator is his dreadlocks. These guys are like the less-goofy version of Jar-Jar. But how would a real Rastafarian stack up to a Predator? Luckily, we don't have to wonder, because a Rasta… » 12/28/07 2:30pm 12/28/07 2:30pm