Wondering What To Expect After A Medical Abortion? Read This.

One Weird Trick Female Animals Use to Control Who Gets Them Pregnant


Much like the United States Congress, the history of science is overwhelmingly white and male, and unsurprisingly, this has led to a pretty significant lag time in scientific understanding of things that relate to women. When it comes to animal sexual selection, we know a lot about how and why males compete for female… » 2/19/15 4:49pm 2/19/15 4:49pm

Stephen Mangan Will Play A Pregnant Man For TV Series Birthday

Stephen Mangan (Episodes, Dirk Gently) will star in new Sky drama/comedy Birthday. And as you can see form the picture, he's playing a pregnant man. Inside that belly is his infant daughter. » 1/19/15 3:30pm 1/19/15 3:30pm

The Beautiful Strangeness of Conceiving Through Science

As I rapidly approach the end of my third trimester of my first pregnancy, I've been looking back and find myself amazed that we've gotten this far at all. » 1/11/15 4:46am 1/11/15 4:46am

Midwives Are Often Safer Than Docs–Why Don't They Deliver More Babies?

This month, Britain's national health service advised women with low-risk pregnancies that it was safer to give birth under the supervision of midwives than doctors, as the latter are more likely to perform interventions like forceps deliveries and cesarean sections that carry risks of infection and surgical accidents. » 12/17/14 9:20am 12/17/14 9:20am

Ghost Child: The Strange, Misunderstood World of Delusional Pregnancy

I. Ruby lost her virginity in July of this year, not long after she turned 28. Five days later, she knew, with deep certainty and not a little dread, that she was pregnant. Her nipples grew and darkened, she says; her abdomen tingled. The man she'd slept with refused to see her, and when he finally agreed to meet up,… » 12/10/14 1:12pm 12/10/14 1:12pm

The questionable nutritional value of eating a human placenta

Placenta - it's not just for shampoo anymore. There is a rising belief that eating a human placenta after child birth provides a nutritional benefit for the mother and possibly curbs postpartum depression. » 11/16/12 12:53pm 11/16/12 12:53pm

How can a small piece of copper prevent you from getting pregnant?

Birth control comes in all shapes and sizes, from the incredibly high-tech to the ridiculously simple. So if you're worried about the long-term effects of taking hormones, or tired of taking a daily birth-control pill, there's always another method of birth control that's simple, cheap and effective: the Copper T. The… » 9/18/12 11:07am 9/18/12 11:07am

Yes, Todd Akin, victims of 'legitimate rape' get pregnant - here's…

If you haven't heard yet, it's time you did: yesterday afternoon, U.S. Senate nominee Todd Akin said in a televised interview that women rarely get pregnant following instances of "legitimate rape," because the female body has ways to "shut that whole thing down." » 8/20/12 9:00am 8/20/12 9:00am

For $1,230, you too can own a 3D-printed model of your unborn fetus

This is how you impress your horrified progeny's date during prom photographs. The Japanese engineering firm Fasotec is teaming up with Tokyo's Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic to offer expecting mothers 3D-printed models of their gestating bundles of joy. » 8/01/12 10:55am 8/01/12 10:55am

More evidence that a drink (or two) won't hurt your unborn baby

While going off on a tequila bender is decidedly not a good thing if you're carrying an unborn child, there's an increasing body of evidence that suggest low to moderate drinking might not be the worst thing imaginable for your baby. A cohort of five papers have just been published from Denmark, looking at maternal… » 6/22/12 9:40am 6/22/12 9:40am

The Artificial Sweetener Splenda Could Prevent Your Birth Control Pill…

Birth control is probably the last item in your pharmaceutical arsenal that you would want to fail. Which is why some recent research on artificial sweeteners could be major cause for concern. » 2/17/12 3:39pm 2/17/12 3:39pm

Sonogram reveals that woman is giving birth to the supervillain Venom

When Redditor OzLebowski saw his wife's sonogram, he realized that something was horribly amiss — namely, that she was giving birth to Venom the alien symbiote from The Amazing Spider-Man comic book. » 2/07/12 8:25am 2/07/12 8:25am

10 Things To Keep In Mind On Your First Trip To Low Earth Orbit

The future of civilian space travel in low Earth orbit (or "LEO," for those in-the-know) is looking brighter by the day, but what will life be like when you're soaring hundreds of miles above Earth's surface? How will you eat, how will you sleep, and how will you go to the bathroom? We've got a preview of ten things… » 12/05/11 10:25am 12/05/11 10:25am

10 Reasons Coffee is Both the Best and the Worst Beverage Ever Invented

Caffeine is the most commonly used mood-altering drug in the world, and coffee is one of the most popular means of ingesting it. Over 50% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis, and that figure is thought to be increasing every year. » 11/21/11 10:12am 11/21/11 10:12am

Are pregnant women refusing to give birth on Halloween?

Having your birthday on Halloween gives you an excuse to have a costume party every year, but a new Yale University study (PDF) seems to indicate that expecting mothers may actively be avoiding giving birth on All Hallows' Eve. » 10/19/11 2:00pm 10/19/11 2:00pm

Japanese pregnancy simulator vest remains hilarious, disturbing

Remember the Mommy Tummy, Kanagawa University's terrifically odd jacket that allows a fellow to become a human seahorse? Its creators have been taking the device on the road, showcasing its ability to simulate the development of a full-term baby in two minutes. My favorite part of all this is the unusually dire sign… » 9/24/11 7:30am 9/24/11 7:30am

Children of stressed-out moms age faster than their peers

New research out of UC Irvine shows that children born to women who experience unusual levels of psychological or social stress during pregnancy are more likely to show signs of accelerated aging than other children. » 8/02/11 8:30am 8/02/11 8:30am

"Mommy Tummy" pregnancy suit is like a Tamagotchi you strap to your…

Hey fellas, have you ever fantasized about being Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior? No? Well, if you change your mind, try the Mommy Tummy, a computerized pregnancy simulator built by Japanese researchers. It's like hiring David Cronenberg to be your obstetrician! » 6/18/11 7:00am 6/18/11 7:00am

Chimps emerge from the womb headfirst, just like humans

The longer we watch our primate cousins, the more we realize that all the things that make us uniquely human aren't quite as unique as we thought. The latest discovery reveals chimpanzees give birth in the most human way possible. » 4/20/11 1:24pm 4/20/11 1:24pm