Undersea Archaeological Sites Hold Crucial Clues To Early Humans

During the ice ages of the last one million years, sea levels dropped as much as 400 ft., increasing the land area of Europe by 40%. That terrain, once home to early humans, is again underwater, and archaeologists have identified artifacts at 2,500 sites. But all of it is threatened by erosion and offshore projects. »10/09/14 11:30am10/09/14 11:30am

These psychedelic animal specimens are unlike anything you've ever seen

Say hello to the technicolor dream cadavers of Iori Tomita. By combining classical specimen preservation techniques with meticulous staining methods, the Japanese artists transforms fish, squid, turtles and even chameleons into a menagerie of multi-colored hell beasts. Go ahead and take a peek — you've never seen… »7/26/12 5:09pm7/26/12 5:09pm