Finally, A Super Mario Game We Can All Be Excited About

It's been a while since a new Super Mario Bros. game looked amazing. Agree? We all respect the New Super Mario Bros. games, right? They're classic... like Nintendo just baked a great new loaf of bread. Refined... like Nintendo just wrote a new sonnet. But exciting? Not really. That's where November's new Mario comes… » 10/03/13 6:26pm 10/03/13 6:26pm

The New Mad Max Game Will Be Vast, Violent and Not Sound Australian

I detected nary an Australian accent from the characters in the new Mad Max game that made its surprise debut at E3 earlier this week. There will be no Australian voices, one of the game's creators told me. OK. At least Max's steering wheel's on the right. What else have they got here? » 6/26/13 11:30am 6/26/13 11:30am

Jae Lee draws Ozymandias versus the Comedian, in this Before Watchmen

Here's an exclusive sneak peek of Ozymandias, the latest issue in the Before Watchmen series. Here we see artist Jae Lee (Inhumans, Fantastic Four: 1234) bring his ethereal flair to some early fisticuffs between martial artist super-genius Ozymandias and the cigar-chomping Comedian. This issue hits stands next… » 9/20/12 6:30am 9/20/12 6:30am

This is probably the best-looking Godzilla comic you've ever read

A few years back, Orc Stain artist (and io9 favorite) James Stokoe did a short concept piece titled World War G, in which Godzilla trashes Tokyo in Stokoe's grimy-gorgeous, hyper-detailed fashion. » 8/03/12 7:35am 8/03/12 7:35am

A First Look At The Brand New Comic Star Wars (With Darth Vader…

Scads of new comic books will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, but here's a doozy with a pedigree. In January, Dark Horse Comics will publish Star Wars (full stop), an ongoing comic set during the original Star Wars trilogy by prolific author Brian Wood (DMZ, Channel Zero, Northlanders, The Massive), » 7/10/12 7:25am 7/10/12 7:25am

Read a sneak peek of the comic Bloodshot, about a one-man nanotech…

We recently saw how Valiant Entertainment is bringing back superheroes like Harbinger with bizarre techno-espionage twists. Now check out an exclusive preview at Valiant's new series about the nano-powered soldier Bloodshot. This debut issue hits stores Wednesday, July 11 — here's the synopsis: » 7/05/12 1:55pm 7/05/12 1:55pm

Check out a sneak preview of the new psychic teenager comic Harbinger

This Wednesday sees the release of an updated take on the psionically powered Valiant Comics superhero Harbinger from author Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier) and artist Khari Evans (Carbon Grey). Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment, here's an exclusive first look at this debut issue, which hits stores June 6. Here's the… » 6/04/12 11:20am 6/04/12 11:20am