When the monster from Labyrinth met a very confused Princess Di

Royalty is expected to hobnob among the commoners, but Princess Diana certainly didn't see this encounter coming when she woke up on December 1, 1986. At the Labyrinth Royal Premiere, Henson and the friendly monster Ludo ended up chatting with Di and Prince Charles about anti-Fraggle poaching charities or the… »3/12/12 9:20am3/12/12 9:20am

Prince Charles is worried that humans will soon go extinct

England's Prince Charles has always been something of an environmentalist, and now he's begun to share his concern that Earth is in the middle of a sixth mass extinction. The term "sixth extinction," popularized by anthropologist Richard Leakey and New Yorker environment writer Elizabeth Kolbert, refers to the fact… »9/14/11 2:20pm9/14/11 2:20pm