Rumor: Disney May Be Retiring "Slave Leia" Merchandise For Good

It’s one of the most iconic outfits in Star Wars, and sci-fi in general: The metal bikini Princess Leia is forced into by Jabba the Hutt during Return of the Jedi. But it’s not without controversy—and Disney may be making moves to remove the skimpy outfit from future Star Wars marketing and merchandise for good. »11/03/15 1:02pm11/03/15 1:02pm

Princess Leia’s slave bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi has sold at auction.

Princess Leia’s slave bikini outfit from Return of the Jedi has sold at auction. People reports that the costume, sold over the weekend, went for $96,000. The biggest Star Wars sale of the auction though? The model of the Tantive IV from the opening scenes of A New Hope, for a whopping $450,000. »10/05/15 11:30am10/05/15 11:30am

In This Week's Star Wars Comic, Princess Leia Gets To Kick Butt—Literally

After taking a break from its ongoing story last month to give us a badass Ben Kenobi side story, this week’s issue of Marvel’s Star Wars series gets ready to deal with the fallout from that insane twist that sent ripples through the new Star Wars canon. It also gives us Princess Leia being awesome. »8/21/15 6:44pm8/21/15 6:44pm

Success: Disney Will Add Princess Leia Toys To Its Merchandise Line

Three weeks ago, Disney said it had "no plans for Leia products at the Disney store." This after announcing just one new female actress in the initial casting announcement for Episode VII. The toy announcement drew considerable criticism, including a barrage of tweets tagged with #WeWantLeia. Now, Disney says Leia… »6/08/14 1:30pm6/08/14 1:30pm

Princess Leia finally gets her X-Wing license thanks to Dark Horse's new Star Wars comic

It's an injustice as grave as Chewbacca not receiving a medal at the end of Star Wars: A New Hope — Princess Leia, leader of the Rebellion, ace-shot with a blaster, and all-around kick-ass heroine never got to fly starships with the boys. Well, thanks to writer Brian Wood, Leia finally gets her chance in the pilot's… »1/04/13 12:20pm1/04/13 12:20pm

And now, Princess Leia's "coke nail" from Return of the Jedi

Sadly, Carrie Fisher battled drug addiction while filming the Star Wars movies, and (for the most part) evidence of her real-life struggles remained offscreen. But in Return of the Jedi, we fleetingly see Leia sporting a suspiciously long fingernail. One's left wondering if this fashion statement will be clipped the… »9/28/12 12:05pm9/28/12 12:05pm

And now, two Chewbaccas lounging with six bikini Leias by the pool

We're only ten days away from Dragon*Con 2012, so here's a particular amusing snapshot from Dragon*Con 2011 to get you jazzed. Photographer Ethan Trewhitt captured this curious scene of two Wookiees flanked by a bevy of Princess Organas. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that there were actually nine Leias on deck… »8/21/12 9:55pm8/21/12 9:55pm