Child mugshots of the 1800s were like a depressing episode of The Little Rascals

During the Victorian era, kids as young as eleven received adult sentences for minor crimes. Here's an assortment of children's mugshots taken in Newcastle, England during the early 1870s. If some of them weren't labeled "PHOTOGRAPH OF PRISONER," you might mistake these portraits for yearbook photos. »6/22/12 11:10am6/22/12 11:10am

Now you can buy an old prison in New York State

The State of New York is hoping to sell its old prisons. "One property, in the Hudson Valley, includes a 16-car garage, a piggery and hundreds of yards of lake frontage," the New York Times explains. "Another offers 69 acres of waterfront land on the west shore of Staten Island, complete with a two-story gymnasium, a… »5/28/12 4:45pm5/28/12 4:45pm

South Korea unveils robotic prison guards, promises futuristic cavity searches

To round out their drug-sniffing clone dog army, South Korean authorities are now experimenting with robotic prison guards. Lest you think these cyber-wardens will be equipped with gatling guns in the style of Robocop's ED-209, know that this alarm-equipped bot has more in common with the Death Star's delivery droids. »4/16/12 12:30pm4/16/12 12:30pm