Man battles Darth Vader, Aliens, Predator, and more in epic proposal

Some people have to battle disapproving parents when trying to propose to their soulmates. Victor Delgado had a bit more trouble as evidenced in this scifi marriage proposal video, which took 50 people to make, several of Hawaii's best cosplay groups, and months of shooting and editing. Worked, though. » 2/18/14 6:34am 2/18/14 6:34am

This d20 engagement ring is a critical hit

When Babelglyph wanted to propose to her girlfriend, she decided to celebrate their mutual love of Dungeons & Dragons and craft what is almost assuredly the first d20-themed engagement ring ever made. The result is the Ring of Matrimonial Awesomeness you see above, created by a professional jeweler from Babelglyph's… » 3/04/13 7:00am 3/04/13 7:00am