This cosmic caterpillar might someday look just like our Sun

This new image from Hubble depicts a proto-star, a knotted clump of gas and dust that stretches well over a light-year in length. Located some 4,500 light-years from Earth, this future star is desperately trying to gain as much mass as possible — all while older, bigger stars blast it with ultraviolet radiation, which… » 9/02/13 7:30am 9/02/13 7:30am

First cores are cold, gigantic protostars...and it looks like we've…

Low-mass stars like our own Sun start life as "first cores," which is the earliest point where gas and dust clump together to form a coherent structure. They're an essential part of stellar evolution, but we've never seen one...until now. » 10/14/10 8:00am 10/14/10 8:00am