The Emergency Escape Rockets For The Crew Dragon Are Surprisingly Quiet

A pair of SuperDraco engines firing at the same time is far quieter than I thought it would be. The dual firing is part of SpaceX pad abort testing for the rocket engines, ensuring both engines can simultaneously ignite and throttle if they need to carry the Crew Dragon to safety. » 3/26/15 1:00am Thursday 1:00am

Watching Water Burst This Stressed Rocket Part Is Strangely Satisfying

Sometimes, all a day really needs is a nice video of rocket components exploding during stress-testing. Why, hello there Space Launch System! Did your booster composite case get over-pressurized with water to test how the materials would withstand launch-strain? Perfect! » 2/18/15 1:31am 2/18/15 1:31am

Space Shuttle Engines Start Hot Fire Tests For New Space Launch System

It lives! The RS-25 rocket engines from the space shuttle have been repurposed for the Space Launch System, NASA's rocket for deep space exploration. The engines hot fired for the first time since 2009 in this 500-second burn. » 1/11/15 2:21pm 1/11/15 2:21pm

Orion Spacecraft In Photos: Assembly, Flight, Splashdown, And Recovery

This December, Orion left for a 60,000 mile journey through space, to land at sea to be carried 600 miles back to shore, and finally went on a 2,500-mile road trip home. Here's the whole journey from construction through the flight and back home, in pictures. » 12/26/14 1:13pm 12/26/14 1:13pm

Follow Every Step Of Orion's First Test Flight [LIVE COVERAGE]

After a one-day delay, Orion blasted off early this morning for its first-ever test flight. Follow the live-stream here along with our updates of photographs, videos, flight details, and tips on when to tune in to catch the most dramatic moments of this historic flight. » 12/05/14 5:16am 12/05/14 5:16am

Here's What Happened With The Scrubbed Orion Launch Attempt

The Orion spacecraft toyed with our hearts this morning, three times reaching the terminal countdown before the launch attempt was ultimately scrubbed. Twice, gusts of wind were to blame; the third time, a sticky valve refused to close. Here's what went down and what needs to happen before the next attempt. » 12/04/14 5:16pm 12/04/14 5:16pm

Join Us For Orion's First Test Flight! [LIVE COVERAGE] [UPDATED]

It's almost time for the first-ever test flight of the Orion spacecraft, NASA's human deep space exploration vehicle. Watch the live feed and follow along with us as we work through the countdown, launch, test flight, and landing! Update: The launch is scrubbed; next attempt Friday 7:05 am EST. » 12/04/14 7:06am 12/04/14 7:06am

Here's What To Expect During The First Orion Test Flight

The very first test flight for NASA's Orion spacecraft is Thursday December 4th. Here's the nitty-gritty details of how the 4.5 hour test flight will put the service module, launch abort system, heat shield, and parachutes through their paces as the craft launches, completes two orbits, and returns to Earth. » 12/01/14 7:19pm 12/01/14 7:19pm

The Latest Morpheus Test Flight Cuts Out Before It Even Begins

The downright futuristic Morpheus prototype lander kicked off its newest round of testing with an anticlimactic soft abort ending the test before it started. At least this wee frog got a great view of the excitement! » 11/25/14 6:44pm 11/25/14 6:44pm

Rocket Engine Made With 3D Printed Parts Survives First Hot Fire Tests

Parts of this engine were 3D printed using copper alloy materials. All of them survived their first-ever hot fire test, and 18 more hot fire tests in different injector and thrust chamber assembly configurations. The future is so cool. » 11/13/14 2:00pm 11/13/14 2:00pm

Here's How To Build a Low-Cost Groundwater Detection System

Have you ever wondered how water flows under the ground beneath your feet? We build a low-cost groundwater detection system in under twenty-four hours using common materials and tools. Here's what we did, and how you can do it, too. » 11/10/14 1:00am 11/10/14 1:00am

Assemble A Paper Orion Spacecraft Before December's Test Flight

The Orion spacecraft is fully assembled and ready to be rolled out to the launch pad on November 10th. Surely that means it's time for us to build small paper models to adorn our workspaces as good-luck charms for next month's test flight. » 11/05/14 1:23am 11/05/14 1:23am

Orion Is Almost Ready To Undergo Trial By Fire

NASA's fancy new capsule for deep space exploration, Orion, is steadily counting down to its December 4th test flight. The last module was installed, the rocket is on the pad, and now we've got a full rundown of the testing sequence. This is actually happening! » 10/08/14 5:50pm 10/08/14 5:50pm

The Orion Spacecraft Is Almost Ready For Testing!

Today the prototype Orion spacecraft made its final move before heading to the launch pad for testing in December. The monster machine was carefully shuffled around the Kennedy Space Center, leaving its fuelling station and heading to the installation of the Launch Abort System. » 9/29/14 1:36am 9/29/14 1:36am

A Flying Saucer Will Not Tear Through Hawaii's Skies (Yet)

After repeated weather delays, NASA ran out of time to test its new flying saucer. All six planned launch windows in the past two weeks were cancelled due to unfavourable wind conditions. The saucer is grounded while scientists try to schedule a new testing window. » 6/15/14 1:02pm 6/15/14 1:02pm

Behold The First Life-Sized Aliens Xenomorph Queen Ever Built

Some of the early versions of the creatures from the Alien franchise are nearly as frightening as the final version. This isn't one of them. The proof-of-concept Aliens xenomorph queen was a very rough version of the creature, consisting of black garbage bags over foam. » 6/12/14 10:30am 6/12/14 10:30am

Night-flight for the Morpheus Lander is Gorgeous

Night launches are inherently stunning, with rocket fire illuminating billowing clouds from within set against a dramatically dark skyline, but the futuristic Morpheus lander adds a whole new component of cool. » 5/30/14 10:40am 5/30/14 10:40am

This Flying Saucer Will be Plummeting Through the Skies Over Hawaii

NASA is planning a series of test flights near Hawaii with their new flying saucer in June. The saucer is testing a new batch of supersonic aids to help heavier payloads survive the six minutes of terror and safely descend through the thin Martian atmosphere. » 5/24/14 4:28pm 5/24/14 4:28pm

NASA and the Six Million Dollar Man

This flying bathtub is not only a real NASA prototype, but is also a television star. A test flight went awry in 1967, crashing into the desert floor. The pilot survived, and the footage from the crash made it into the opening credits for The Six Million Dollar Man. » 5/18/14 5:30pm 5/18/14 5:30pm

Hazard Detection During the Morpheus Test Flight

The latest test flight for Project Morpheus, NASA's prototype for a flight-capable planetary explorer, was successful! The autonomous vehicle flew a pre-programmed trajectory and performed a hazard detection search to identify a safe place to land in a bumpy field. » 5/01/14 12:41am 5/01/14 12:41am