Beautiful Minimalist Science Graphics, c. 1960

For the weekend: vintage science art from the backs of books in LIFE Magazine's Science Library, published throughout the 1960s by Time Inc. See also: this set of minimalist science posters by graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai, also featured in the magazine's 60s Science Library. » 2/08/13 9:40am 2/08/13 9:40am

Stunning, Minimalist Science Art from LIFE Magazine in the 1960s

Feast your eyes on the artistic musings of graphic designer Kazumasa Nagai. Featured below: "The Mind," "Growth," and "The Cell," three posters in a series of science-themed prints featured in LIFE Magazine's Science Library during the 1960s. See more of Nagai's work here. » 10/25/12 7:40am 10/25/12 7:40am