Mind MGMT Day Two: In the birthplace of immortals, you should be prepared to die!

When you go searching for one of the most dangerous psychic agents in the world, you'd better have a darn good plan for what happens when you find him. In day two of our exclusive daily comic strip of Matt Kindt's Mind MGMT, Lyme catches up with the deadly Fingerprint — with potentially murderous consequences. »11/27/12 10:00am11/27/12 10:00am

See for yourself why everybody's buzzing about the psychic war comic Mind MGMT

There's only one thing worse than a ruthless organization of psychic spies — and that's psychic spies who have been cut loose after their organization went under. We've raved about the Dark Horse Comics series Mind MGMT before, but now we're excited to bring you a glimpse of a brand new status quo for Matt Kindt's… »11/26/12 10:00am11/26/12 10:00am

Surefire Tips and Tricks to Convince People You Have Psychic Powers

So you want to be a psychic. You want to make tons of money, preying on desperate, gullible people. Let's assume you don't actually have psychic powers — or else, you already know that you don't need to read this article. For the rest of us, pretending to have clairvoyant abilities is a whole complicated art form. »7/05/12 12:00pm7/05/12 12:00pm

Read a preview of Dark Horse Comics' new psychic warfare series Mind MGMT

To gear up for the May 23 release of Matt Kindt's (Revolver, The Tooth) new telepaths-and-spies series Mind MGMT, Dark Horse Comics is releasing a series of free online prequels stories titled Mind MGMT: Secret Files. These chapters will run on Dark Horse's digital site over the next three Wednesdays. Here's a sneak… »5/01/12 3:35pm5/01/12 3:35pm

Unverified Results: The History of Scientific Research into ESP

Today's mediums and psychic detectives are nothing new – people have been claiming the ability to see the future, speak with the dead or read minds since antiquity. Scientific experiments testing for evidence of paranormal abilities are a relatively modern phenomenon, however. Has science ever produced verifiable… »3/07/12 12:06pm3/07/12 12:06pm