Massive Fossilized Pterosaur Colony 'Most Important Ever Found'

Well-preserved fossils of pterosaurs are extremely hard to come by, which makes this recent find of 40 male and female individuals all the more incredible. Along with the discovery of a spectacular new crested species, paleontologists have also found the first 3-dimensional fossilized pterosaur eggs. » 6/06/14 8:40am 6/06/14 8:40am

Pterosaurs have 27-feet wingspans, are named after 9-year-old girls

Dinosaurs usually hog all the prehistoric attention, but their winged cousins the pterosaurs are enjoying some newfound notoriety after big fossil discoveries in places as far afield as Brazil and the UK's Isle of Wight. The latter discovery gets extra points for adorableness, as the pterosaur fossil's discover and… » 3/24/13 3:00pm 3/24/13 3:00pm

New Canadian coin features the incredibly badass Quetzalcoatlus — and

As part of its 'Prehistoric Creatures' series, the Royal Canadian Mint is releasing a super neat new quarter featuring the awkwardly majestic Quetzalcoatlus — a pterosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous of North America about 65 million years ago. A particularly cool feature of the coin is that it glows in the… » 2/07/13 7:30am 2/07/13 7:30am