Yet another reason to be grateful that pubic grooming is on the outs

If de facto trend-barometer American Apparel is any indication, the bush is, indeed, back. That's excellent news for American genitals. Analyses of American emergency room data indicate genital injuries related to pubic grooming had increased nearly sixfold between 2002 and 2010. Things were getting out of hand. »1/23/14 1:20pm1/23/14 1:20pm


Pubic grooming is making crab lice an endangered species

Over the past decade, doctors have noticed a dramatic decrease in reported cases of crab lice, also known as pubic lice (Phthirus pubis). The reason, they say, is actually quite simple: the rise in popularity of pubic grooming in both women and men. Pubic lice, it would seem, are currently facing an environmental… »1/17/13 10:20am1/17/13 10:20am