The Art and Science of Making Ghosts Visible

I've been thinking about this haunting piece of photoshoppery ever since I saw it on the Dinosaurs and Robots blog last week. Designer Kevin Kidney created it by merging two images of the Los Angeles street where he lives: One from today, and one from 1909, when Los Angeles was riddled with cable cars. Human ghosts… » 10/15/08 12:20pm 10/15/08 12:20pm

A Suspension Bridge Built to Be a Musical Instrument

As we understand more and more about the materials to build suspension bridges, their shapes are going to become more bizarre and seemingly impossible. Architect Santiago Calatrava made this suspension bridge in Jerusalem to resemble the shape of a lyre, a stringed instrument popular during classical antiquity. This… » 5/09/08 7:00am 5/09/08 7:00am