The Most Mathematically-Efficient Way To Buy Your Metro Cards

Those last few nickels and dimes leftover on your metro card, and the time it takes to add on to it, can really add up. So what's the frugal (and time-crunched) train traveler to do? Mathematics has the answer. [UPDATE] » 9/08/14 1:31pm 9/08/14 1:31pm

Why are women more likely to use public transportation than men?

Stanford has a fascinating new study of gender disparities in public transportation use. In a nutshell, women are way likelier than men to use public transportation — and this disparity is greater among Asians and African Americans than other groups. » 1/27/12 9:20am 1/27/12 9:20am

Futuristic cars inspired by Syd Mead's Blade Runner designs

The next generation of concept artists is paying tribute to the master, Syd Mead, who reinvented cars and city living in his work on Blade Runner, Tron and other films. Here are our favorite entries from CGSociety's Syd Mead contest. » 7/02/10 4:06pm 7/02/10 4:06pm

What Happened To Russia's "Flying Car" Program?

For nearly four decades, Russian engineers tried to set up a a flying car public transportation system in Moscow and other parts of Russia. We've got the history and future of their dream, in pictures. » 7/02/09 8:30am 7/02/09 8:30am

The Art and Science of Making Ghosts Visible

I've been thinking about this haunting piece of photoshoppery ever since I saw it on the Dinosaurs and Robots blog last week. Designer Kevin Kidney created it by merging two images of the Los Angeles street where he lives: One from today, and one from 1909, when Los Angeles was riddled with cable cars. Human ghosts… » 10/15/08 12:20pm 10/15/08 12:20pm

A Suspension Bridge Built to Be a Musical Instrument

As we understand more and more about the materials to build suspension bridges, their shapes are going to become more bizarre and seemingly impossible. Architect Santiago Calatrava made this suspension bridge in Jerusalem to resemble the shape of a lyre, a stringed instrument popular during classical antiquity. This… » 5/09/08 7:00am 5/09/08 7:00am