Neal Stephenson and friends fight for the future of ebooks with "Theā€¦

While the publishing industry fights to survive, a group of scifi writers and software developers have struck out on their own. Led by Neal Stephenson, author of Cryptonomicon, the group built an ebook that could make reading truly interactive. » 5/28/10 11:49am 5/28/10 11:49am

20 Science Fiction Books We Can't Wait To Read in 2010

You've got a list of books to read today, but what will you be yearning to read next year? We've picked out 20 scifi and contemporary fantasy books coming out next year that have us filled with excitement. » 11/18/09 1:52pm 11/18/09 1:52pm

Cory Doctorow Talks About the Future of the Novel, Including His Own

Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother, releases his new novel Makers in a few weeks. It's about amusement park ride hackers, and most of it is already online. We talked to Doctorow about Makers and the future of novel-writing. » 9/30/09 2:14pm 9/30/09 2:14pm

Night Shade Books' Jeremy Lassen on the Future of Book-Buying

Night Shade Books is a small press that's quickly getting bigger. Known for edgy novels, they've also published heavy-hitters like Iain M. Banks. And editor-in-chief Jeremy Lassen thinks his press fits perfectly into a future of videogames and online bookstores. » 9/11/09 3:38pm 9/11/09 3:38pm

New Print-On-Demand Line Launches with "Year's Best Fantasy 9" is much more than the online wing of fabled scifi publisher Tor - it's an SF fiction magazine as well as a terrific lit blog. And now it's branching out into next-wave publishing with a line of print-on-demand books. » 9/10/09 8:30am 9/10/09 8:30am

Tor Editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden On the Future of SF Books

With the publishing industry in freefall, what is going to happen to science fiction books? I asked Tor Books senior editor and manager of SF and fantasy Patrick Nielsen Hayden. He thinks the changes coming will be slow but weird. » 8/26/09 6:08pm 8/26/09 6:08pm