Watch this pod of dolphins get completely stoned on puffer fish

Last week we reported on how dolphins like to get high by ingesting the nerve toxin released by puffer fish — but there was no video. The BBC has now released the footage, and it's just as awesome as we hoped. » 1/08/14 1:25pm 1/08/14 1:25pm

Dolphins like to get high by sucking on puffer fish

Using a remote-controlled camera disguised as a sea turtle, marine biologists watched as young dolphins got themselves stoned by ingesting a nerve toxin released by puffer fish. And as if sharing a joint, the dolphins could be seen passing it around. » 12/30/13 7:30am 12/30/13 7:30am

In the battle of puffer fish vs. laser pointer, we all win

It seems cats aren't the only creatures with an affinity for chasing little red dots. This puffer fish just can't resist chasing a laser around its tank. But if you try this home, please remember to dislodge your laser from your rifle before aiming it at the tank. We don't want any puffer fish harmed in the name of… » 2/26/12 10:30am 2/26/12 10:30am