Check out these geeky jack-o-lantern templates and submit your own

My pumpkin will have the traditional smiley mouth and triangle eyes this year - just like every other year. But those of you who want to get creative can head over to ThinkGeek, and check out their yearly geeky pumpkin template contest. There's a Pac O' Lantern, a Death Star, and Iron Man's glowing chest thing (help… »10/27/11 12:20pm10/27/11 12:20pm

Science Fiction's Great Villains, Immortalized In Pumpkin Flesh

If you really want to scare off those jerks who are coming to egg your house, you need a pumpkin with a little more menace than those usual jack o'lanterns. Luckily, you've got just enough time to carve your very own pumpkin replica of the killer robots from Battlestar Galactica, the Cylons, if you start now.… »10/23/08 6:44pm10/23/08 6:44pm