Saturday Webcomic: The Princess Planet is a land of myth, magic, and cornball puns

On a world where nearly every girl is a princess, not every princess is going to sing to birds or go off looking for her one true love. Princess Christi, the star of Brian McLachlan's The Princess Planet decides to trade in her ball gown for a spandex suit. With her snowman companion, Princess Christi travels her… » 1/19/13 8:30am 1/19/13 8:30am

NASA gives us the best astronomical pun ever

About 6500 light years from earth, there's a red chicken in the sky. There may even be more than one. Many people report seeing a chicken in this new Hubble image of the Lambda Centauri Nebula, earning it the nickname "Angry Bird Nebula" and "Chicken Nebula," but they clash over exactly where the bird is. Some see… » 9/21/11 6:40am 9/21/11 6:40am