This Batman fan film teams the Riddler up with Scarface!

Christopher Nolan may have closed the door on his Dark Knight trilogy, but that hasn't stopped fan filmmakers from placing their favorite rogues in a Nolan-inspired Gotham City. In Batman: Puppet Master, puzzle-loving Edward Nigma has arrived in town, and we get to see the wooden gangster Scarface brought (sort of)… » 8/12/12 1:00pm 8/12/12 1:00pm

Heroes May Have Ended, But We've Still Got The Puppet-Master's…

The Heroes webseries is back, bringing us incoherent entertainment we never even wanted. The first two episodes of the Puppet-Master-centric "Nowhere Man" have aired already » 4/28/09 5:29pm 4/28/09 5:29pm