How technology has transformed short science fiction and fantasy

Technology is changing how you read and write everything — but short fiction is at the center of the technological vortex of change. At Worldcon, we attended a panel about the future of short fiction, and learned just how the world of short stories is changing. » 8/24/11 8:15am 8/24/11 8:15am

Short Fiction About the Future of Gawker Media Gets It Right

Paolo Bacigalupi's smart, worldly writing has made him the new darling of the literary scifi scene, and now you can read his latest story online - it's a very plausible tale about blogger newsrooms of the future, including Gawker. In "The Gambler," our hero Ong works at a media conglomerate competing with Gawker, but… » 11/28/08 3:00pm 11/28/08 3:00pm