Pyr Books to bring Ken MacLeod's "The Restoration Game" to the US

Great news for stateside fans of Ken MacLeod. His latest novel, The Restoration Game (Orbit UK), will be available from smartypants publisher Pyr Books in the United States in fall 2011 - and Pyr publisher Lou Anders says the cover will be designed by award-winner Stephen Martinere. The Restoration Game is a videogame… »10/08/10 8:00pm10/08/10 8:00pm

You Don't Need An Agent To Be Pyr Books' Next Superstar

Fast-rising SF publisher Pyr Books has opened the floodgates to unagented submissions of epic fantasy, sword-and-sorcery and contemporary urban fantasy novels. (As Pyr's blog entry says, this makes the publisher one of "those few publishers fool enough to accept unagented, unsolicited material." Pyr's Lou Anders adds: »2/19/10 12:30pm2/19/10 12:30pm