Meet the Agta, a tribe where a quarter of men have been attacked by giant snakes

When Thomas Headland first met the world's longest snake, he was on the way to the toilet. He was living in the Philippine rainforest with a group of hunter-gatherers called the Agta. On the walk to the outhouse behind his hut, he stumbled across a reticulated python curled up on the trail. "The hairs on the back of… »12/17/11 4:30pm12/17/11 4:30pm

A recipe for growing bigger hearts, found in the blood of pythons

In comic books, many superheroes have gained extraordinary powers after being transfused with the (often modified or irradiated) blood of animals. But, as so often happens, life proves stranger than fiction. At the University of Colorado, Boulder, a group of mice have grown bigger hearts after scientists injected them… »10/30/11 11:45am10/30/11 11:45am