10 of the Craziest Things That You Never Knew About Quarantines

If you're worried about catching a super-virus, you can always be extra careful about washing your hands. But sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes you just need to get all those sick people away from you. This idea has fueled many successful — and unsuccessful — quarantines over the years. Here are the strangest,… » 9/09/11 10:00am 9/09/11 10:00am

Zombie Slaughter Is The Man's Fault, In Redband Quarantine Trailer

A new redband trailer for plague-ridden building film Quarantine premiered at Comic-Con, and IGN has posted it online. It shows more crazy zombie action, including a fairly shocking transformation. But it also gives a really clear sense of the movie's anti-establishment spin, where the government not only traps people… » 7/27/08 1:17pm 7/27/08 1:17pm