The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About the Making Of Flash Gordon

The 1980 Flash Gordon had so much promise. They had a budget, an all-star cast, and the filmmaker behind the 1971 classic Get Carter. They had Queen! How many shit-storms had to coalesce to create this altogether Perfect Storm of movie failure? Quite a few. Here are the weirdest secrets of the making of Flash Gordon. »5/02/14 4:30pm5/02/14 4:30pm

Watch two warriors battle it out with massive bolts of electricity

Holy crap this is excellent. Many of you are probably familiar with the intimidating crackle and flash of electricity-generating Tesla coils — but watch what happens when you combine them with wearable suits that behave like Faraday cages. It's like watching a shootout between Raiden and Emperor Palpatine. »11/05/12 9:40am11/05/12 9:40am

Wolverine meets Freddie Mercury = the greatest Marvel Comics pitch of all time

Breaking into comic books can be difficult, but having a fervent imagination definitely helps. In the 1990s, an unnamed artist submitted the below illustration to Marvel Comics. Even though this pitch didn't get the hopeful a job with the publisher, it became a favorite of Marvel bullpen member Steve Bunche, who once… »4/25/12 10:45am4/25/12 10:45am